Anybody else preorder from Walmart and are still waiting on 4/16/2021?
I usually preorder form my neighborhood GameStop. I went there on 4/12//2021 and was unable to order the Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition for $99.95. The store I went to said they were not excepting anymore orders. The term he used was: "They've shut us down." Most likely, the store only had so many in stock to sell and had no more.

I was able to preorder from Walmart, and the site said: "arrives by 4/16/2021. I didn't expect miracles ordering so late in the day, but, for a total of $109.27 - you would think that they would have shipped before 4/16/2021. Not set to arrive until 4/19/2021.

So much for early access, but at least I was able to order one. The Sony site was sold out!