Joe West wins 500K lawsuit against Paul Lo Duca


Pretty much what the title says. I didnt know this was even a thing. Apparently Paul said that Joe West was calling the strike zone in favor of Billy Wagner so Billy would hook him up with a 57 Chevy. The courts decided that was defamation and Paul had to fork over 500K.

*"We're playing like a really tight game against the Phillies, and Billy Wagner comes in from the bullpen,’’ Lo Duca said, per USA Today. “I used to go to the mound every time and like, 'What's going on?' and he's like, 'Hey, Joe's behind the plate. Set up a couple more inches inside. I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Joe hates me.' He's like, 'No, no, no, no, no, no. Joe loves me.'

"I go, 'He hasn't given us the corner all day.' He's like, 'Don't worry about it.' He literally throws 10 pitches and strikes out three guys. Joe rings up all three guys. Eight out of the nine pitches were at least three to four inches inside, not even close. Guys were throwing bats and everything. Joe walks off the field. ...

"I get back into the clubhouse and I'm like, 'What the [expletive] just happened just right now?' And Wagner just winks at me. I'm like, 'What's the secret?' He's like, 'Eh, Joe loves antique cars, so every time he comes into town I lend him my '57 Chevy so he can drive it around, so then he opens up the strike zone for me.'"*


Reality check: You know you’re old when you remember Lo Duca playing for Adelaide 🙂


So the crux of this is that Lo Duca never caught Wagner with West behind the plate. Pretty important detail. I haven't checked any history myself but the article I read yesterday said it was checked for the case.