The Official Late Night League


• Plan to Own MLB The Show 21 (On PS4)?
• Can You Commit to At Least (2) Games Per Week?
• Married w/ Children & Can Only Play Late Nights While Your Family Sleeps?

IF you answered yes to all of the aforementioned questions, then The Late Night League is for you! We're a FREE Simulation/Recreational league of 16 Members in our 13th season. A quick synopsis of our league settings below:

• Hit/Pitch/Field Difficulty: ALL-STAR
• Strike Zone & Guess Pitch: OFF
• Hot Zones: PREVIEW
• Balks & Trades: ON

Our 40 Game Season will begin using Opening Week 2021 Rosters. If interested, reply below or send your Friend Request via PSN to AGStros.


I currently have a full league of members actively selecting which teams they want for this season, but it never fails I ALWAYS have a member or two drop out for personal reasons and will need replacements. Contact me to set up a tryout game and a spot on the Reserves list! I guarantee the first 2 or 3 WILL absolutely join us before this season is complete.


PSN: Dokken
Age: 40+
Time Zone: PST
Team: Seattle


Hey Dokken,
Just sent you a Friend's Request. Perhaps we can get a game in tonight?


If you are able to add xbox players to the league, (used to play on playstation) i will join,

Eastern or central time zone (depends where i am. On the road for work or at home)

Im free every night


PSN: DeimosVII
Age: 38
Time Zone: EST