I know this has been talked about ad nauseum. I think I remember seeing someone make a post about getting to a total number of points with a player rather than a certain number of hits / xbh / runs / rbi.

I happen to like this idea because it prevents a bottle neck on certain stats...For example, I have all the runs I need for wagner, but am well behind in RBI's. I think the structure should look something like this:

At the risk of this sounding like an RPG game, there should be points for each player and and the attributes should increase incrementally as you make progress. Let's say you need 5k total points to prestige Mantle...At 1,250 points, you'll be rewarded with a 1 point bump in attributes, at 2,500 points you'll get the next bump, 3,750 points is the penultimate bump and 5k is the final bump and maybe new card art / blood diamond.

Then what they could do to increase engagement is take a page from CoD's wildly successful playbook and implement "Double points weekend" or whatever they want to do to drive people to the platform.

As for how you get the points, I think you should be able to accumulate both online and offline (at allstar or higher), but hits / runs / rbi are worth more online and at higher difficulties. Below is just a sketch of how it cloud look.

Event: Offline / Online Points
Single: 1 / 5
Double: 2 / 10
Triple: 3 / 15
HR: 4 / 20*
RBI: 2 / 10
Run: 2/10
If they want, they could do points for put outs, assists, AB's...I don't really care.

*Solo HR would count for 8 points offline and 40 points online due to RBI and runs.

Any thoughts?