(hopefully) Good event takes__?


who do u guys think will be this event reward?

I ray to god its wander and adley. One of those would even be great.


Nobody. No new rewards.


For those of you that can't check the game yet, rewards go up to 300 wins. There are 12 rewind packs if I counted correctly, and 2 90+ live series diamond packs. The rest are headlines, standard packs, beach ball, ducks, and finest.

For me personally, the rewind packs are the only rewards worth chasing since there are million stub cards in there like Gossage.

You can use any card series that includes a prestige eligible player plus live series. At first I thought it was only cards you could prestige. What's the point of even having that rule in there? Which cards does this lock out besides those that are already prestiged?

The games are 3 innings on all-star. I think I'm mostly done with 20 at this point, but I might chip away at this event when I need a baseball fix leading up to 21.