What I ABSOLUTELY love about this game.


Playing in the Event because I need 2 more XBH with AS Jackie to FINALLY unlock 99 Jackie. (Didn't feel like dealing with Moments)

After close to 20 games of me quitting out I'd I didn't get at least a double with him in my first AB; I finally leaf off with a double.

Next AB with him, I hit what is a go ahead HR in the 4th.

Go into my BP to warm up Rivera and the screen freezes on the pitchers throwing.

I figure that I'm going to get timed out and hit with a loss. But I don't care. I only wanted the 2 XBHs.

Naturally, I get the 'connection to your opponent has been lost' message. But when the screen flips ; it DOESNT COUNT the game!

What in the blue heII!

Almost time for 21 to drop and the current servers can't handle a simple game!


@x814xmafia_psn said in What I ABSOLUTELY love about this game.:

bro you're late. Everyone is having this error.