New franchise


Hello Show Nation community this year I have decided to go all out on a franchise. Where I will play every single game and maybe some of spring training but can’t decide what team to use. I am a Yankees fan so I decided not to do a franchise with them So I decided to pick a team that has not won a World Series.

• Tampa Bay Rays

• Colorado Rockies

• Seattle Mariners

• Milwaukee Brewers

• San Diego Padres

• Texas Rangers

(side note) also if you're interested in giving your

• First Name

• Last Name

• Position

• Jersey Number

• Bat (R) or (L)

• Batting Stance

The reason is because when I enter the MLB draft in the franchise I am in the players that are drafted will be replace with your name all I'm doing is changing the Name, Position, Number and Batting Stance im not editing the player physical appearance or status

Names will be selected in random


Great twist on the sharing franchise progress idea. I hope you go with the Rays, they deserve a championship.

First name Red
Last name Ted (use audio ‘Head’)
Position OF but wherever you need
#5 If possible
Bats and throws L
Stance anything but Cobb’s 🙂

Also if you stream any let us know 🙂


Okay that is great to know and yes I will stream once the roster, and best sliders are out I'll post here and let you and everyone else know as well