What I want updated/changed in RTTS. I am begging you devs!!!!


Dear devs,

There are some changes to RTTS that need to be made. Enough with the fake RPG [censored] and go back to years past please along with some improvements. Here is my list:

  1. For the love of all that is holy, please go back to letting us put points in to the stats WE want to improve instead of this Elder Scrolls Oblivion style of our stats going up/down depending on our performance. I get so mad when my fielder has an error and now my stats go down, because of something the computer made me do. That makes no sense at all, none. Or with how bad the pitchers were in '20. I throw a ball right down the middle, but the ball lands no where in the strike zone, and I get punished. And don't cap us. I don't mind some stats are harder to level based on our style of player, as long as you leave it so we can be 99 in any stat.

  2. Bring back the ability to talk to the manager anytime we want. Why the heck was this taken out? I shouldn't have to wait until one of the two times a year I can talk to my agent to ask for a trade, move up the batting order or what ever. There is no reason we can't talk to our manager and agent anytime we want like in real life. You did want this to be more rpg right?

  3. This complaint is more towards the vast majority of sports games with a mode like this, but let's start making money matter. Maybe let us use our weekly checks to buy stat points (see number 1). It always struck me as pointless to have a MyPlayer/RTTS that had a negotiating feature, then not do anything with the contract money after that. NBA2K at least does this with its VC. You get VC each game from game checks and endorsements. Now, I'm not asking for VC AT ALL, but I am saying lets use our in-game money for something. This brings me to...

  4. You want this to be an RPG but we do nothing outside the game. Where is us signing endorsements? Where is a My Crib feature like NFL 2k5 had (which was so awesome). With a game like baseball where you can play over a 100 games a season, there needs to be something to do that breaks up the game after game that we play. Let us design a cleat, just something that would add another level to this mode. Heck, let us buy cars/clothes that we see our self arrive to games in in a cut scene.

  5. Let's have real manager personalities. EVERY manager is the same. You never get told to hit and run when you are a base runner, never see squeeze bunts, double steals. Every team you play for and against is the same. You have hitter/pitcher challenges, but very rarely get a base runner challenge, and when you do, it's always steal a base, whether you are fast or not. I want coach A to be aggressive and coach B to be more conservative, so as a pitcher I know if I am facing coach A, I expect a lot of steal attempts, or as a hitter I except to see a ton of shifts.

  6. Speaking of challenges, they need to be fixed badly. If I am a pitcher I don't want to induce a pop fly, I want to strike the batter out, but to get my states to go up (again, see 1) or improve those 4 personality traits, challenges can be important. Start giving us ones that make sense. Some do, but so many don't. I love when I get one that says advance runner from 1st to 3rd, and the terrible baserunning AI shows up and the runner stops at 2nd on a good hit, or that runner is slow as heck to begin with.

  7. This will just be some small tweaks I would like to see: stop having managers bench us one game EVERY series, stop having your teammates set the strike out record EVERY season while you are a baserunner. Base call ups/downs more on performance, not on player stats. I hate hitting 35-40 homers, 90 RBI and what ever and being a 70, while the MLB player in my position is an 84 with horrid stats and I sit a couple years in the minors. Stop having me come to the plate with runners in scoring position and two outs consistently.

RTTS is a very popular mode, and it has come a long way, but I feel with the studio jumping on that card pack popularity, this mode and Franchise have taken a huge hit in lack of creativity and innovation. These complaints/idea changes aren't the only issues, just big ones I feel need to be looked at and I have seen others talk about on forums. Good day.


I agree with most but the first one. I think it should merge the old and new together. Have so many points per week or something to put where you want. The caps have got to go! Or fix them badly. Challenges should be redone. We should not have to change the way we play to get the rewards.

They say they want real life things so caps are not part of real life either is not being able to call our agent. I understand being in minors we are low priority, but when we start playing better or moving up we should get more calls. The manager thing I agree they are all the same. This needs fixed.

More real life things, money should matter. let us buy stuff. Pay us in stubs or something so we can get cars or houses to get boost like nhl game.

I could say a lot of things but for me get the basics done right. Stop having the 3 - 5 hitters bunt. Nobody pays these guys to bunt. Smarter GMs and managers. GMs should not trade for something they already have trade for need not trade what is needed.

Like I said I could go on forever on things to fix or improve these are a few.


I would be fine with them merging the old with the new. If they let us put points into stats then sure, keep the current system. Get rid of the in between series stat training too. We can't even pick what stats we train, we are at the mercy of what the comp lets us pick from. What a terrible idea.


How about when on defense let me actually play. I just had a game with my SS and was shown on defense 5 times. Here was is what happened. 1 a ground ball about 30 or more away i could not get to 2 same thing again 3 man on first ball it to right side 2B catches tags runner throw to 1B 4 ground ball to right side through for a base hit 5 same as 4. Like WTF. Why show my player in the field just to watch base hits and team mates play?


@pogibana said in I am begging you devs!!!!:

How about when on defense let me actually play. I just had a game with my SS and was shown on defense 5 times. Here was is what happened. 1 a ground ball about 30 or more away i could not get to 2 same thing again 3 man on first ball it to right side 2B catches tags runner throw to 1B 4 ground ball to right side through for a base hit 5 same as 4. Like WTF. Why show my player in the field just to watch base hits and team mates play?

Oh I know, this happens at every position. If you play the out field it gets hit right to the guy playing next to you, or its a no doubt home run. If you play in field it again goes to the guy next to you or is hit just high enough above your head there is no way you can catch it, then the outfielder doesn't even use you are a cut off man. Good times.

This post is deleted!

I have no idea why Create A Player sports games don't use the My Crib function... I don't get it. It is still all I think about for NFL 2K5... and it makes you connect with your player. Needs to happen.


Here are my thoughts.

  1. Personally I don’t like the personality or the relationships. I just think they’re pointless, and the fact that your attributes increase because you have a friend on the team makes no sense to me. The conversations you have with teammates or opponents just get kind of annoying after the first 5 times doing them

  2. They do need to make the entire mode deeper. I don’t want some kind of story like nba does, because those are usually really bad. My suggestion would also be a crib. I’d like a trophy case that you put all your awards in, many the game can take “photos” of you completing milestones, and then you have a photo wall in your house. As you make more money, you can buy more houses that all have different things you can buy.

  3. Make money matter is my biggest complaint though. There are so many ways to do it, it’s kind of astonishing they haven’t implemented something yet

  4. Fix fielding. There’s way to many occurrences of me “having to field” when I’m not involved in the play. Getting deduction on my reaction ability because I don’t want to run to the wall for a no doubt home run annoys me

  5. Fix the base runner glitch. Randomly runners will just disappear from basepaths. And no it’s not them getting picked off when I’m swimming or anything like that. I just had a game where I was batting with a runner on first and no outs, got a single, and all of a sudden I was the only base runner with no outs. The next guy hit a home run. This issue has been present on this game for 4 or 5 years and has never been addressed

  6. Have the announcers/stat overlays be more engaged with your career. Mention big games more frequently, mention past results against a pitcher etc

  7. Finally, people may disagree, but I think your player improves way too quickly. By the start of my third year (2nd big league season) I was a 90 overall. It just seems way to quick for that

There’s plenty of minor things that can be improved too