Been a Bucs fan since 1996, although a NYer. Was a Giants fan until Parcells left, then they became a joke. I gravitated to TB because of their defense. They found a way to shut down the Chefs 🤣 Similar to '99 when we shut down & beat down 'The Greatest Show On Turf!' We should have won that 11-6 defensive masterpiece.
This was a bit surreal, because I kept waiting for the KC offense to show up.
It was an ugly game, true, but it was pure smash mouth football. Grass stains in your pants stuff, lol.
We shut down the backflipper, which was poetic justice. Kelce got his, as in some great catches and some yards, but we kept them out of the end zone! Under 10 points???
The Brady effect was real, but the defensive game plan was something from out of nowhere. They did have 2 weeks to prepare, but that was almost the perfect gameplan despite KC's injuries on the O-Line.
Respect to the Chiefs though, as I like them a lot and pulled for them and Andy Reid last year.
Add in John Lynch got elected to the hall the same weekend + SB55 for Derrick Brooks.