2.5 months until the new game


I’m still quite engaged in the current game. Every year I try to collect all the cards. I’m not someone who is going to flip all day long and I’m not going to make ws or go 12-0.

That said, I’m really hoping for 3 things in the next 2 months:

1.) prestige infinity event (where you can only use cards that haven’t reached the prestige stat requirements or golds) with some rewind packs at every 20 or so wins. (Also, the odds in the rewind packs are brutal...1/10 for a rare??? Maybe they’ll come out with rewind elite where it’s 1/4 or a rewind guaranteed like they did for finest)

2.) make BR rewards more accessible. Reinstate stale BR cards and make them like a 9 win reward and bump the 12-0 rewards down to 12 win. Something has to change, you can’t even buy these cards if you want to due to the wait list.

3.) two more seasons of RS, knock those WS rewards down to CS.

Or put br and ws reward packs in the infinity event...that works too!


The 1/10 odds on the rewind packs isn't why I don't that them. It's that there is another 3/10 odds for Goose after that


I do like the Prestige Infinity idea. Put it on Rookie and lets get the rest of em prestiged lol