Pitching Accuracy should be SOMETHING like the “RBI Baseball 20” ball cursor icon, where it bobs and weaves based on a cards accuracy attributes (bb/9 & control). “125” bb/9 & control attribute should result in an ALMOST still ball cursor icon, while a “25” or below bb/9 & control attribute should result in an erratic ball cursor icon. Also, instead of the ball cursor icon continuously moving around while the pitch is being thrown, as it does in RBI Baseball, the ball cursor icon should be set once a player decides to start the pitching motion meter
So this means that GOOD PLAYER INPUT SHOULD BE REWARDED! Obviously PERFECT meter and analog input SHOULD place the ball EXACTLY where the icon is set and bad meter input should result in a pitcher missing his spot. Also, missing a spot SHOULDN’T almost always result in a “floated” MEATBALL.
Also , there should be a VERY SHORT TIME LIMIT in selecting a pitch location before starting the pitching animation. 5 seconds should be the max after making your pitch selection. Selecting pitches with buttons X,O, R1, triangle and square should remain the same. Starting your pitchers animations should remain the same as well.
I believe this would make pitching more fun and also allow for input to be recognized in online play.

*also, stamina of a pitcher SHOULD effect accuracy of pitches.
Less stamina = less accurate