Can't utilize Ohtani


The new Shohei Ohtani has outfield secondaries, but can't be played in the outfield. You can't pinch hit with him, nor can you use him as a defensive replacement. As far as I know, there is no other way to get him in the game as an outfielder. Why bother putting outfield secondaries on the card if it is impossible to utilize them?

I understand that no one is likely to put Ohtani in their god-squad outfield, but the option would be nice. In addition, the ability to use Ohtani as a hitter would make him invaluable in Battle Royale. You could start him every third game, and use him in the outfield as a power bat between starts.

The reason I know Ohtani has outfield secondaries is because you are able to pinch hit and sub him in defensively against the CPU. I have attached a screenshot below. It doesn't make sense to be able to do this against the CPU, but then for the option vanish when you try online.


This would be a major miss....