Dashboarding into a win?


Played a guy yesterday in ranked. He held R2 and bunted the whole game, just awful to play against but that’s beside the point.

I’m up I think 5-1 in the 8th and hit a home run and he dashboards mid home run. Think to myself of course he would do that, but finally this is finished. Then takes me through to the game summary screen thing and I have lost the game?

Is there some kind of cheat to dashboard and you still win? I guess maybe he truly did lose connection right at that moment (incredible coincidence) and I was the home team so I lose?

Don’t play that much online but hadn’t seen that before.


Must've been an unfortunate coincidence or his record would be 1000-0 and people would've found out how to exploit this. And then SDS would be on it to fix the issue and drop the ban hammer on all those who used the exploit.


I'd say really bad luck, and you may very well have the game adjusted at a later time. I've never seen that happen, and I played the game way too much this year (thanks covid).