1. Batter stamina in in-game substitustions menu as pitcher stamina is in bullpen, in-game.

  2. Lefty-righty hitter and pitcher stats available IN GAME in bullpen and substitution modes and in statistics.

  3. FOR GOSH SAKES you are SO often wrong on players' increase or decrease in stats during the year. ALLOW US TO TURN OFF players' increase or decrease in stats! An on or off choice in "mode-specific options." THIS IS AN OBVIOUS OPTION! You do NOT know, so allow us to turn your OPINION. .. OFF!

  4. Give us an option to NOT have every substitution in-game return us to the playing field. That is, for those of us playing a platoon system, allow us to make multiple player substitutions WITHOUT leaving the substitutions menu. An on or off choice in "mode-specific options."

  5. Give us an option to turn the Covid-19 rules on or off: Player on 2nd in extra-innings, and all the rest. Come on. It's a GAME! Allow us to choose how we want to play it. In fact, gice us an option to choose to have real people or the stupid carboard cutouts in the audience.

  6. Come on. Let us be managers in franchise mode, and play baseball, rather than give all the PS memory to gimmicks to get people to give you more money, and visual porn.