Getting Back Into The Show


Started a new Franchise and plan on playing 3 out of every 5 games, trying to get the most out of the season without killing myself having to play every single game

Started With the Red Sox and decided to make things a little interesting so I added David Ortiz to my lineup and Mariano Rivera to the Yankees

Love me some older Free agents so Welcome Melky Cabrera, Yesiel Puig, Hanley Ramirez, Russell Martin, steven Wright, Brian Johnson, who will all play for AAA for the majority of the year unless I have some injuries or one of them gets hot and Ervin Santana ( who I just called up to be a LRP.)

As for my major league roster I have called uo Tzu-wai-lin and Jeter Downs to be on my bench. Regrets

I'm 7 games in right now and currently .5 games ahead of the yankees with Ortiz and Martinez leading the league in HR with 5, 1 ahead of 2nd place.

Made a few trades because my bullpen was garbage, and now I'm at my max for spending for the season which is fine. But Welcome Brandon Workman, and Tyler Thornburg to help with the bullpen help

Chris sale is killing it with a 0.00 era after 2 games with 19 strikeouts which is second in the league.

Though it's not been all fun in games. I have Christian Vasquez only hitting .130 right now and Darwinzon Hernandez with a 5.40 era.

I've messed around with the sliders a bit to try and make the game more difficult. Currently I am using Dynamic Hitting/Pitching. Usually jump From veteran + to Hall of Fame +

I've decided i will update periodically how my team is doing

I'm now in the first week of May and I am 7.5 games behind the Yankees in my divison but lead the Wild Card by 2 games for the top spot. Regretting giving the Yankees Rivera seeing as how how is posting a 0.00 era over 17.1 innings.

Ortiz now has 14 HR leading the league with JD ( 11) and Bogaerts (10) following right behind him. Though my issue is not home run hitting but hitting for average. Only JD is hitting above .300 and it's been an issue when the game is on the line

After Getting Rid of Pedroia ( Salary Dump and he was hitting meer 1.43) I've had a carousel of people trying to fill the void from Tzu Wei lin, Bobby Dalbac, and CJ Chatham ( who is on the trading block ) . Currently I am trying Yairo Munoz for a career redemption and went 2-3 in his 2020 mlb debut

I've made trades bringing in kiki hernandez who is a solid backup as well as promoting Hanley Ramirez who has been giving me amazing pop off the bench .444 in 9 at bats with 2 Hr. I've brought on Sandy Leon who is killing it with a .353 batting average used sparingly . I traded Andrew Benadendi and my top prospect to get Ohtani hoping I could get him to pitch as well ( sadly couldny ) but hes been an upgrade int he OF as well

Devers and Vasquez are my onluy two platers that havent found there spark yet but not giving up on them this season. Playing Leon a few more games seeing as how I'm producing with him

As for pithching Chris Sale is leading the League in ERA 1.09 and second in Strikeouts 60 with a 5-0 record over 49.2 innings. I've brought in Garret Richards and Felix Hernandez ( who is a shell of himself at best) . NAthan Evoldi got moved to LRP while Brian Johnson moved into the roation for the time being. They do split starts each doing 4-5 innings but i'm aving better results with evoldia in the bullpen. Johnson will be down in the minors soon but with no cap space and not much in the minors i'm stuck rotating between him steven wright or maybe nick pivetta. Bullpen is okay. Ervin Santana was as much of a mess in the majors as in the minors with is 8.59 era in AAA. my 7 8 9 pitchers are Braisers Thornburg and Orravino potting a .71 ,1.17, and a 2.25 era. I called up myself ( yes I made someone with my name) and killing it with 0.00 ERA over 1.2 innings pitched!

My project players are Austin Brice MRP and Yairo Munoz. My goal is for them to have bounce back career years.

In terms of player movement , the only player I could see dropping down to AAA is Darwinzon Hernandez. He has a pitiful 6.19 ERa and I belive is a large reason why im 7.5 games behind the yankees . I don't forsee too many more trades happening. Anytime I face a good player that plays against me I always inguire with the team to see what It would take to get them. Usually the asking price is too steep for me. Just not sure who to add to my bullpen . Matt barnes had a 5.45 era so he is now in AAA. Ervin Santana had a 4.50 ERA . MAybe either Marcus Walden or turn Nick Pivetta into a relif pitcher seeing as how he posted a 3.54 era as a starter this year....

2/13 Well I am deep into May and i am losing ground on the Yankees ( 8 games behind ) and just lost to the angles, and am now tied for first in the Wild card. I told myself no more trades until the trade deadline. But the yankees are coming into town next so I did what any sensible GM would do, I got some much needed pitching.

I traded JBJ who was more of a bench player at this point of the season, Ohtani and a AA OF prospect for Severino, Garcia , and Brandon Workmen. In an attempt to weaken a strong Yankees rotation, I strenthened their lineup which is first in the league.

I moved Darwinzon Hernandez , Jeter Downs and Brian Johnson down to AAA and promoted Jacoby Ellsbury to the majors for killing it in AAA this season. I am stretched thin for payroll but picked up Franchy Cordero for some extra speed on the bench. Hanley Ramirez has been nice pop off the bench and decided to give him the starting role vs RHP . Thats all for now!

First Week of June!!

I've gained some ground on the yankees . Currently 6.5 games behind them ( was 4.5 but on a two game losing streak ) Chris Sale was player of the month, leading the leage in SO 112 and ERA 1.32 this season. Ortiz is killing it with 23 HR and 56 RBI both leading the league, but right behind is Albert Pujols of all people! I was hoping to have a Barry Bonds esc season but im already 6 behind the pace for the HR record so who knows.
Devers And Bogarts are both finding their stride. Devers hitting 15 homeruns and Boaerts hiting 17 Hr and batting .294.

I could be the Worst GM. I kow have JAckie Bradley back on my team as well as Martin Perez and Tristan Casas

With all my Crazy trading these teams ended up with:
Yankees: Drew Pomereanz, Tate Matheny, Cesar Puello, Shohei Ohtani, Marcus Wilson, and Collin MCHugh
Reds: Josh Taylor, Jose Pereaza
Phillies: Robert Stock, Connor Wong, Russell Martin
Indians: Kevin Plawescki
Angles: Andrew Beintendi, Colten Brewer, Brandon Workmen, Deivi Garvia
Padres: Dustin Pedroia,Antonia Flories, Luis Severino
Dodgers: Andres Castro, Delvy Grullon
Braves: Christian Arroyo
Royals: Trevor Hildenberger

And I ended up with Francy Cordero,Jacob Rhame Jooey Lyons, Adam Ottavino, Feliz Hernandez, Kike hernandez, Garrett Richards, Sandy Leon, Tyler Thornburg. And reacquired JBJ martin Perez and Tristan Casas after using them as trade bait.

My team is finally starting to come together and I couldnt imagine too many changes going forward. I sent Ellsbury back down to AAA due to poor performance. Yasiel Puieg is killing it right now, but he may end up being a bench player for late innings letting Franchy or JBJ get more playing time. There are still ??? at 2nd base with Yairo Munoz batting .221 . I have hanley as a backup now and Chavis staring 1st , so my only option is to try CJ chatham again but i hope munoz will workout. I am hoping for a bounce back year for him! And Austiin Price is going to blow past all his career stats . Not even at the all star break and im about 10 IP away from his career high.

Last Week of June:

I am only 3 games behind the yankees now! Came as close as 2 the other day.

I needed some minor league depth so I traded RP Jeffrey Springs for LF Matt Kemp CP Ben Bowden and SP Ashton Goudeau. I tradeded RP Thad Ward for 2b Esteban Quiroz, 3b Grant Kelly, and C Brett Sullivan and then traded Sullivan for RF Ryan Boldt and RP Sam McWilliams to the Rays. i traded SS C.J. Chatham for Michael Kopech and RP Durbin Feltman for Co David Feliz.

My team has been jelling lately and have kept the main core most of the season, but always trying to improve my team and minor any chance I get
1.Yadiel Puieg .243 4HR
2.Alex Verdugo .264 4HR
3. David Ortiz .289 29 HR
4. JD Martinez.298 19 Hr
5 Rapheal Devers .283 17 HR
6 SS Xander Bogaerts .279 19 HR
7 1BMichael chavis .240 4 HR
8 CSandy Leon .238 1HR
9 2B Yairo Munoz .215 1HR

Ortiz still leads the league by 2 Hr, just ahead of Anthony Rendon. Chris Sale is raking with 141 Strikeouts and a 1.52 ERA as well as a leagues best 11 wins. I recently demoted myself and promoted Mat barnes, both pitchers posting a 5+ ERA but hoping he has a better second outting otheriwse I could always give Tim Mazya a try

I once again trded JBJ this time to the white sox with SP Brian Johnson for 1B Edwin Encarncaion, Hanley just wasnt the pop I needed off the bench. So I traded Hanley Ramirez ,SP Matthew Kent and RP Phillip Valdez for Kevin Plawecki incase I lose a catcher in free agncy in this year. I then traded C Chad Ramey for RP Nate Griep and Jack wynkoop for depth purpopses and finally acquired pablo sandoval to play AAA for SP Matt Hall. I don't think he will play in the majors this year but he has the most homeruns in the minors so i wanted to boost my AAA lineup.

Two weeks until the All Star break, Im hoping to get 3-4 Allstars in, Austin Brice will be a wild card but well earned! My only regret so far has been sending the ynkees Drew Pomeranz who is the best RP in baseball this season even after being on 3 teams...


Sounds like a fun Franchise. I've been playing Franchise for four years BUT, my team is 90% created players...Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen, Peter Parker, Ben Grimm, Tony get the idea.

Have a great time with your Franchise!


That’s hilarious! I’d love to hear more about how you decided to build each charter . How has your team done over the years ??