How does one...


Attach a video file from the PlayStation in a bug report?

Just played a guy who was lagging like crazy. Got a “Lost connection with opponent” message.

Alright, cool! Easy win! Nope. Comes up with a message after that says “Game summary not found”

How does one lag so bad that the game is like, naw this didn’t happen? Has this happened to anyone else?


Unless I’m playing ranked seasons or BR, that game is getting the quit treatment and a bad connection report. I’ll let SDS sort out whether it was legit lag or something else entirely.


I lost 2 RS games due to lost connection yesterday. I was up 5-1 , bring in a pinch hitter, the game says waiting on my opponent. 2 mins later game quits and I lose. 2nd game down 5-1 and lost connection With opponent, loss. I was pissecd at the 1st and reported the guy because he caused the loss not me s SDS probably won’t do [censored] but he cheated out a win