The dreaded Friendly Quit Curse


I'm sure someone of you have heard about it. And some of you have experienced it. Well, add my last two opponents to that list.

You know; when someone offers a Friendly Quit and you sent it; then you all of a sudden start losing.

Yeah. Both games went into the 3rd inning (Events) without either if us scoring.

I offer a Friendly Quit and it's denied faster than a fat kid eats cake.

Needless to say, within the next inning or two, I take the lead.

Naturally I win.

So, when do you accept/decline a Friendly Quit offer?


I don’t do anything. I let them burn through their pause time.

The only time I occasionally accept one is if it’s one of those 0-0 games in the 13th inning, But that’s about it & those are rare.


Why would anyone offer a FQ in an event?


I accept it if the matchup is lopsided or if there is no score and no real stats have accumulated. Then again, I am a big believer in karma.