As if online gameplay couldn’t be any worse...just played a HOF game in RS and had a swing with Ruth, on a low knuckle curve by Bauer that’s still in the strike zone...the ball is almost dead center of the pci and shows good timing... yet it was a [censored] pop up to the catcher

I almost broke my controller in frustration and then as Foxx comes up, the swing feedback now shows the ball in the upper third of the PCI with early timing....okay?

So now, swing feedback is just changing from one screen to the next? As if online gameplay needed more RNG to it.

That’s going to be the final straw for this year. No incentive to play this game anymore and when RS is playing this terribly, there’s no point to play this game.

Have a great New Years fellas and I’m sure I’ll see you for here for 21