Random question about other games


Is there a site like this for other sports games? Specifically NBA 2k21 or Madden?? I love this forum, and being able to ask questions being somewhat new is helpful. Anyone know of any? Thanks!


I would say most games have a forum. There is also a subreddit for almost everything; so if you can’t find a forum, I’d check for a subreddit.


@last_mohican18 said in Random question about other games:

muthead.com - madden

As toxic as this forum can be at times, I’ve found much worse in the two above. It’s a shame. Must go with the highly competitive nature of sports games though I have found Operation Sports to be pretty good and helpful in general.

I don’t know about 2kgamer, but Muthead charged for certain site features such as changing user names. At least they did in the past, I haven’t been to either one in at least a few years because of their environments. They may have improved since.