Everyone is saying


to sell of the players you get from all the 'free' packs; when you advance in Team Affinity.

Well, I just did enough Exchanges to get the Mets to 220 pts; which got me 7 BIAH and 22 TA packs.

Good thing I needed most if those cards I pulled from those packs; as I have no idea what I would spend the whopping 8K I would've made off selling this cards.

7 Gold's and 0 Diamonds from 7 BIAH and 22 TA packs is straight up BS!


Why is it straight up BS?
BIAH packs are 1 in 15 chance at diamonds
TA packs is 1 in 50.

So you had more of a chance of not pulling diamonds than you did of pulling by the odds.


I got Trout from TA pack. No diamond worth more than 10k from Ballin is a gold pack