What things are you looking for when players make the cut in your lineup?


Are you looking for contact, power, vision, swing, speed, arm strength, defense, quirks or something else ?


I'm definitely a power guy for sure. I really don't pay much attention to defense. I mostly care about power


well rounded guys. power and defense primarily.


Speed, contact ability mixed with power rating. I factor in defense too, but its behind these 3 factors, but I firmly believe speed to be one of the most important stats. I'll lay it out position by position.

SP its all about pitch mix and repitoire. Same with relievers.

C. Pure offensive ability. Defense and speed don't matter.

1B is the same as C

2B, speed and defense all day. Offense is a bonus (Mondesei)

SS Trevor Story (check all 5 tools)

3B defense and offensive ability

LF Offensive ability. Speed is a bonus

CF Speed and offense ability, this is where Trout plays cause he offers diamond fielding without prestige.

RF speed, fielding and arm. Mantle plays here and has that 5 tool capability.


I like to have a well rounded lineup...A couple speed guys, A couple power hitters & A couple well rounded players. Because you never know how the game will unfold. I also like to have my lineup go Right, Left, Switch & repeat it. That way if they bring in a lefty to face a lefty then they have to face two righties in a row & vice versa.


I have a huge excel sheet in which I create my custom weights on attributes by position. A couple guys have asked about it so I’m planning to have a post out in the next couple of days for you all to use if you wish.