Stuck at 98 overall


One of my goals this year was 99 overall, however I’m not sure how to get there, basically my whole team is 99 overall except the relief pitchers. Do bench players factor in? Help a zebra out


Buy Better Relief Pitchers.


See if you can get Rivera, if you can't afford him yet he should be a part of the 12th inning which should be favorites from the past innings this year.


I reached 99 overall a little bit over a month ago. I think it has to do with having prestige cards and high overall relief pitchers.


I'm just trying to get to 125 overall 🤣


I'm there. Full 99 starting lineup. 1 98 on bench. 4 99's in rotation with 1 98.

Relievers are 99, 99, 99, 95, 97, 96, 96

Shouldn't be an issue.


I got there the other day

When I added Rivera to my bullpen

C - Foxx (Awards)
1st Base - Ortiz (Awards)
2nd Base - Hornsby (Awards)
SS - Rollins (Signiture)
3B - Tatis (POTM)
LF - Trout (Awards)
CF- Mantle (Prime)
RF - Cobb (Prime) will be Griffey Jr


Harper (Awards)
R. Jackson (Prestige)
L. Walker (Signature)
L. Robert (Future stars)
E. Thames (POTM 99 overall)


Maddux (Signature)
Paxton (POTM)
Scherzer (Awards)
Scott (Awards)
Gibson/ Walter Johnson (Awards)


Fingers (Awards)
Hoffman (Signature)
W. Davis ( Prime)
Chapman (Signature)
Henke (FOTF)
Gagne (Awards)
Rivera ( Signature)