Me personally; I like to have at least 3 Silvers in my BP (2 righties and 1 lefty) and at least 2-3 Silvers in my starting rotation.

However that leaves only 3 Silvers left to put in your lineup/on your bench.

My perfect draft would be as follows:

2 Diamond infielders (preferably 2nd and SS)

3 Gold Outfielders which leaves 3 infield spots (C, 1st, and 3rd) for Silvers. (Unless I can get a decent hitting Silver with Diamond defense in the outfield (LS Renfro ex)

Then 3 Silver Starters, 2 Bronze Starters in my rotation.

A lefty and righty Common in my BP, alone with a lefty and righty Bronze and the 3 Silvers.

That leaves my whole bench with Bronze hitters.

Am I limiting myself with this set up?