One thing I would just love...


I find my in Madden always gravitating towards a "theme team". I would absolutely love for them to have some attribute perks for rocking theme teams. Have some different levels or allow us to customize our teams with certain styles.

Like New York Yankees: Power perk
If you have 10 Yankees in your lineup they get +1 power or something.

Then add speed/contact perks

The main reason I like them: it would take a guy who is clearly one step below the "meta" player for a certain position and elevate that person to being more comparable.

You could obviously go into more depth with this as I just gave a small example. It would just add that nice bonus to those who are diehard fans and want to use mainly their team players.


Use a full Rockies bullpen and lose 40 h/9 per reliever at home.

I still want pitcher/catcher chemistry. 1 catcher can hit max chemistry with 3 SP and this would force you to have a backup to work chemistry on your other 2 SP. Most teams frequently rotate 2-3 catchers based purely on the rotation.

Have 5 tiers similar to the IE system for DD.
Tier 1 would be -5 H/9, -5 Blocking, -5 K/9
Tier 2 would be -3 across the board.
Tier 3 would be +1
Tier 4 would be +3
Tier 5 would be +6

Gain levels by having the two pitch/catch each other, would give Spring Training some importance, perhaps give the option to practice too. Be pretty cool tbh


Since someone has to...get the advantages of guess pitch on all breaking balls when using at least 8 Astros and playing at home.


A big incentive for this would be guys who are just under thresholds. Like they mentioned 80 power. If you have a couple 75+ power guys and were able to get them over that bump it would be huge.