So, I went back to MLBTHESHOW19.... Oh yeah, and 18.....


And bought some packs! Disclaimer: This is from the website. I sold the physical copy. πŸ™‚
I went through my inventory and sold everything that had a sell now, so I didn't have to do this. So if you still play that game, and your order went through within the last hour, it might have been me. πŸ™‚ (There are like 7 orders a day on some stuff. Kind of surprising) I was able to get together 6000 stubs. I know, weak, but I didn't play much of DD last year. lol
For 19:
I got the 5K stubs pack, AKA the headliners bundle, with 3 random headliners, and a normal pack.
Headliner 4
Bronzes, and 2 78s: Joc Pederson and David Fletcher.
2 of the set 17
The first: 77 Josh Rojas and 77 Alex Verdugo
The second: Bronzes, and GOLD LORENZO CAIN! The best pull of the day...
Normal pack: NOTHING

I did it for 18, and had 1K stubs, enough for two standard packs. They randomized what set I got
Set 1: Contains 6 players, 1 souvenir, and 1 assorted item. Chance to find exclusive Set 1 player: Breakout Legend Lou Brock.
What did I get?
Not gonna waste your time. ALL BRONZES.
Set 12: Contains 6 players, 1 souvenir, and 1 assorted item. Chance to find exclusive Set 12 player: All-Star Flashback Jacoby Ellsbury.
WHAT DID I GET? All bronze or common

I am going to put sell orders in for the cards with no sell now, and do another opening, via computer, when they all sell. Probably open packs in a week, or longer if I forget. πŸ™‚ FOR 19


I would have been ticked if I had pulled Trout. lol


I had a ton of stubs in 19 with nothing to spend them on over the summer, so I thought about ripping packs for the hell of it. Going through all those opening animations seemed tedious though (I forgot you could open on the website) so instead I spent weeks putting in orders for LS Trout. Then once I had 30+ Trouts I sold them all in a single day until Sell Now was around 5K. I figured some of those orders were relics from people who had long since moved onto 20, so I threw a couple Buy Now Trouts up there for super cheap for people who were definitely still playing.

I’d like to think at least one person got to complete the LS collection because of that, but it’s impossible to know for sure.