Market question


My question concerns live series only. There are two announcements that can really impact the market:

  1. No quick sell after locking in
  2. 85-89 diamonds for winning 9 be games

How does this affect the price of ls diamonds between 85-89? #1 could bring the value of cards down. #2 should add to supply. I know that trout and Arenado and the 90+ are gatekeepers for the big prize. But, will these two things actually make it easier to obtain the collection reward?


I don't think it affects the prices too much, a bit less stubs in circulation sure.

From an individual perspective, it will make it a bit harder to obtain collection rewards, because you can't quick sell a diamond for 5k and then put that 5k towards the next player you need.

But I don't think it really affects the overall pricing to much on the market. LS players got so cheap last year because of factors such as the increased diamond odds from packs.


LS players " might" be more expensive as you can't use locked in players for exchanges either,so demand "might" be higher,thereby increasing the prices.