Moments Extreme 10 k's, win, No HR's!!


So, no surprise to me when I saw all the Extreme stuff, this was my final challenge. I tried 3 times before and twice it ended swiftly. Judge and Stanton in the 2nd. Once got to about the 6th and PH Cespedes got me.

So I hopped on tonight with just enough to give 1 attempt. I already have all the rewards from the Gehrig program so it is only him left. Bench bat at best.

Got Seaver on the mound this time and he is doing great. Changed my strategy a bit to try and prevent the big hit as I didnt care about walks and doubles ect. Then I notice in the 6th inning I am not getting my K''s lol. End up in the 9th with a comfortable lead but need to strike out the side. I get the job done, but it wasnt easy. If you wanna watch a little 5 min clip I will leave it here. But I had to get creative because they werent chasing lol. Remember, even if I wanted to I cant get anyone out by any other means other than strikeout.


I just lost in 9th inning up 2-1 2 OUTS Champman gives up bomb to cano fml