You're not the boss of me trophy


I was bored today so I cleaned up a bunch of trophies in game modes I don't typically play, and I'm currently one trophy away from the platinum in 19. Any tips for getting the "you're not the boss of me" trophy? From what I saw online you need to be in the majors to trigger a boss battle. I tried simming through a whole minor league season which was WAY more tedious than I thought it would be since the game kept stopping me after every 1-2 games for some stupid dialogue or training thing I didn't want to do. By the start of the next season, my guy was still like a 60 overall in AA so that was a complete waste of time. I currently have a starting pitcher in the Yankees minor league system.

Do I really need to play all the games and grind it out to get to the majors for this trophy? If so, I may just leave it for a few months until I get the itch to play again.