Thought concerning Griffey


Since he was a boss last year; chances are he won't be one this year.

Doubt they'll make him a WS/BR reward; as that will allienate a TON of players.

I'm think a mash up of the Evo Jackie and the All-Timers Programs.

You'll have to complete missions with his lower end cards, online or offline, along with moments.

Final reward is a 99 OVR Griffey.


Lol and get to use him for 3 months.


A Griffey program would be nice. I have a bad feeling there’s still another collection coming at some point, and I’m worried it’ll be something stupid, like you have to have Babe, Jackie, Gherig, HRD Griffey, Trout, Wander, and whatever else is a PITA to get.