The Legend Of Warren Parker


****(A 6'8 268 pound Behemoth I created on a whim last year)

All-Star difficulty FYI**** It's long so beware, and just read the 2035 season Highlights it's crazy! definitely don't have to read it all.

Just excited to share!

Warren Started out his Career wanting to be the next Mariano Rivera, but was drafted by the Padres in 2019. And Kirby Yates stood in his way for the next 4 seasons.

(I actually didn't mind this b/c I wanted a more immersive RTTS experience, too often my other guys got called up in 6-12 months)

So Warren Parker stayed in the Minors for 4 seasons helping The El Paso Chihuahuas win 1 AAA Championship.

Disappointed, but still remained positive he would get a call-up.

in 2023 his dream would be realized! and got the call up to be The Padres new Closer! Warren Parker had 63 total appearances that year, notching 67 innings and 84 K's. With 52 saves and winning the 1st of 3 Reliever of The Year Awards!

But after 4 seasons as closer (218 total saves) Warren Parker grew frustrated with both his development as closer, but at the same time wanted to help the team even more. (I just got bored being a closer lol)

Decided to become a SP! So in the 2027 season Warren Parker went 23-2 w/ a 1.25 ERA 200+ IP and 287 K's.

Then in Warren Parker's 1st career Postseason start against the Rival Giants, Parker hurled a no hitter in Game 1 of the NLDS!!! Which then Propelled The Padres to a WS Victory over the Twins! Also went 5-0 in Postseason play.

With a WS hangover from a year ago The Padres got off to a Scuffling start. But on June 9 2028 Warren Parker threw a Perfect Game vs. The Diamondbacks in Petco Park!

But the Padres were kinda out of the race. And got Traded to The Reds who were more out of the race then the Padres. two notes, (Wanted my guy to be an Ace Merc for hire) (and nearly restarted the game b/c I was kind of mad)

However Warren Parker Gave The Reds a shot in the arm and propelled them to the WC game vs. you guessed it The Freaking Padres!

Unfazed Warren Parker delivered going 8 and 2/3 allowing 6 hits and 2 ER to help The Reds advance to the NLDS! (don't actually remember the line but it was great performance.)

Then Warren Parker delivered again in the WS w/ Strong performance against the Indians! to help secure another WS Title for his new team! (might of been the Twins, Sorry I don't 100% remember, lol, almost positive it was The Indians though)

Going in the 2029 Season Parker signed a 1 year deal w/ The Rockies. Parker had another great individual season but Rockies as a team were outclassed by the Giants and Padres. Therefore he asked for a trade close to the Deadline.

And got traded to the Astros. who were 7 games back of The Angels for the Division. Who again gave The Astros a much needed injection of energy, and Rallied to win the West Division!

Parker had another Stellar Postseason as the Astro cruised to the WS and then crushed the Mets in 5 to claim another WS w/ a new team!

2030 Signed a 1 year deal w/ The Tigers. But the Team got off to a disappointing start. (story of my life as a real life Tigers Fan) and was then traded to Oakland but they never got on the right foot either and for the 1st time since becoming a SP Parker missed out on the playoffs.

At the Start of the 2031 season Parker signed w/ The Tigers again Determined to restore the Roar in The D!

This time Tigers got off to a much better start and cruised to a division title! Eventually outlasting the Cardinals in 6 to win the WS! Parker was of course terrific posting a 4-1 record in the postseason w/ an ERA under 2.

in 2032 Parker re-upped w/ The Tigers yet again to try and repeat again but this time w/ the same team. The Tigers cruised to yet another division title. and easily made it back to the ALCS! but Parker was an uncharacteristic 1-1 w/ a 3.75 ERA against the [censored] Red Sox losing in 6 to them.

At the start of the 2033 Season Parker signed w/ The Pirates to start a fresh chapter. (And wanted to simulate the regular season for once, curious to see what Stats they would give my guy.)

Parker went 22-7 w/ a 2.14 ERA 12 CG's and 8 SO's winning the Cy Young and MVP Awards+ Sliver Slugger P! hahaha Also 248.2 IP.

Parker w/ another Stellar Postseason posting a 4-1 record and a 2.30 ERA prevailing over the Twins in the WS! (The Twins are pretty dang good in Parker's RTTS lol)

Beginning w/ the 2034 season Parker Signed w/ the Rays. and in his 2nd start of that Season Parker threw a Perfect game against the Blue Jays! (pretty sure could've been the Orioles.) Which set the tone of the rest of the season!

going 30-1 in the Regular season w/ an ERA of .70. (The best individual season I have ever had w/ any Pitcher)

Leading the Rays to a WS match-up vs. The Brewers and Vanquishing then in 5 for yet another WS Title!

**the 2035 season Might of been Parker's best! not from a statistical standpoint, but from a personal and team success standpoint.

Let me Explain: Signing w/ The Royals this time, The Royals and Indians were locked in a season long Division battle. W/ the Indians up 2 games on the Royals as late as early September. And Along the way Threw a Perfect Game against The Tigers! lol

Being locked in Playoff mode since Early August the Royals were unfazed but the Indians finally had a total meltdown in September! The Royals eventually won the Division by 9 games! (So Weird but whatever)**

Then Faced the Astros in the ALDS, where Parker pitched 2 CG's in Game 1 and 5 to help the Royals Advance.

**Then in Game 5 of the ALCS against the Angels in a potential Game clincher Parker blew it by giving innings up a game tying Home Run in the bottom of the 9th losing it in 10 innings.

In Game 6 (Parker didn't pitch) Royals gave up a 5 spot in the top of the 1st! but eventually came back to win 8-5.**

**Game 1 of the WS was against his old team the Padres, but unfazed Parker threw a CG SO cruising to a 4-0 win.

But After the Game 1 win, The Royals stumbled and lost 3 of the next 4 putting them in a 3-2 hole.

With the season on the Line and the WS as well Parker was called upon and boy was he on point! Striking out 12 and Throwing a no Hitter against his old team with their backs against the wall no less! in Game 6!!

Warren knew he would be called upon for Game 7, but thought for only 3 or 4 innings. However The Manager had other Ideas. And Said take us as long as you can go.

and Parker Did! Throwing a CG, 5 hit SO in Game 7! (No Idea how I did this, Probably never duplicate it again) For one of the All time Modern WS Comebacks!**


Awesome dedication! Congrats, well deserved!!!


@spyder83 said in The Legend Of Warren Parker:

Awesome dedication! Congrats, well deserved!!!

Thank you usually w/ my Hitters I have no where near the Dedication! but as a SP, I find it a lot harder to consistently perform. (until he's a 99) So it's more Rewarding to do a Back-story on a SP, at least to me.