How about this for info...


So, The Texans, Rockets and Astros, all 3 major sports teams in Houston played today for the first in 40 years. Playing on the same day that is.

The Oilers played the KC Chiefs, in 1980, Texans played Chiefs today.

The Rockets played the Lakers, in 1980, Rockets played Lakers today.

Astros played the Philadelphia Phillies in 1980. Astros played the Athletics today.

Quite the coincidence. But it goes even further. You may be saying, ah, "too bad the baseball team didnt match up, that would have been crazy." True, but hey, the Athletics did use to be the Philadelphia Athletics lol.

Oh and yes, All 3 Houston sports teams lost in 1980, and in 2020. Some things never change.


Heh! Cool H-Town fun fact! This was a unique occurance all round and I was hoping for AT LEAST 1 H-Town win..just 1!

Ugh... Like you said, in typical H-Town fashion, all losses. 😢



Not a believer in coincidence myself personally but that is very cool for everything to line up like that.

And hey at least Dallas beat the Las Vegas Knights.