Andruw Jones and Johnny Damon???


Played a guy last night that I guess was testing the power needed for the event lineup for the deadball event that came out today. Full team of low power guys. Jones and Damon were by far the highest power guys in the lineup @ 65 pwr each vs righties. How he knew what the event was gonna be capped at? I don’t know. But his psn was very interesting. That’s all I’ll say without giving out too much info.

Anyway, the sheer nature of how weird it was, and me realizing I can’t remember ever playing anyone with either one of these cards got me to thinking.....why are these cards only ever sold at 30k and why are there never any on the market?

Maybe I’ve forgotten since the beginning of the year but I don’t ever remember seeing these anywhere but in Showdowns.

Does anyone have any information on these cards and why it is the way it is? Is it weird or am I missing something here?

<BTW....for those who say they aren’t any good or can’t beat showdown.....take these guys if you see them in your draft, they will get you to that final boss with plenty of run support.>


They were early game Pennant Race rewards so they were rare early and a lot of people have either locked them in or sold them off. Supply has dried up as no new ones are entering the game.

That also answers your 30k question, because thats the max a gold can sell for. Diamonds max at 1m (Wagner)

To your showdown point, both guys have sweet swings. Andruws is a bit long but it drives the ball super well especially yo right center. Damon's is that quick LH pull swing like Ellsburys/Blackmon