So im a decent ranked player and for context I have a. 3.6 ERA and. 260 BA. im 84-42. mostly due to pitching. my current lineup is hornsby, 99 trout, babe, pres shef, mantle pres brett, bo, torre (5 hits away from pres).

I use a platoon starters so my 6-7 guys I use to keep the game fresh is 99 smoltz, pres pax, kluber, pres lieeter, pres orel, kerry wood, and if need be hal newhosuee.

if. was playing for a million dollar and needed a hit id use gary, brett, or rogers they all kill it for (350+). babe, mantle, trout im eh on, bo and torre I just use for now.

Question is: Ty cobb seems unreal on. paper, but nowhere to put him with shef, trout, mantle, and brett. or do I take kershaw which idk his velocity of 95 isnt ideal to me and I use a lot of pitchers already.
Thank you!