Yo Sds can we talk?...


First before I start I'm still on 19 because I was so disgusted with pci..not getting rewarded and sometimes my pci not moving or going in a weird direction.

Other people complained so I thought it was just part of the game

Just recently I noticed my down button on the d-pad of the controller went out and knew it was time for a new one.

Sds...I apologize...I picked up new controller. Oh my.....u know that feeling of night and day how people describe with gaming on monitor? That feeling.

Not saying I was getting rewarded more but my pci went exactly where I wanted..and there was only one ball I disagreed on my pci placement. I was dropping bombs with silvers. My check swings were cut in half.

My x button is pretty loose from years of the show. Plus we are trying to get timing right and let's be honest the x button takes a beating from this game

I even switched to Cod blackout and my aim was even better. What I am trying to say is..if u get that feeling that your pci isnt registering correctly or those would be dead centers are just slightly off...u might have stick drift as well.

My controller is at least 4-6 years old. It might not work for everyone but I know there is at least one person who has a bad "functioning" controller.

Only had time with one game so I hope it wasnt just a fluke I am going to play tomorrow. Will the game play exactly how u want with a new controller no....but ur controller could just be slightly a tad off and that's the difference between and out or something positive. Hope this helps someone.

The absolute worse part....now I'm tempted to get 20...lol... i probably wont but...man what a difference


I feel like it’s too late to get 20 at this point. Also for people waiting on the new systems, getting a new PS4 controller isn’t really something they’d want to splurge on right now. I know I’m not. I’ll save that $60 for a new PS5 game or even a spare controller


My prob is foul exit velos at 110 and good goods at 88. Wtf


Eat a pen. Sds