RTTS Fielding Help?


I just started RTTS after a years-long break from it, playing as a shortstop. Ironically I can't field very well and keep making errors.

Most of the errors happen when I have to field the ball to 2nd base for a double play. But instead of tossing it there my guy holds onto it and takes it to the bag himself, but not before the runner is safe.

There are also instances where the ball just sails over my head or shoots off to the side. But he won't jump or dive in those situations. Really annoying, as I'm trying to grind xp. Doesn't help that we keep losing, either.

I need some tips, because it seems that I'm not doing this right. How can I field better?


First if you want to dive you have to use i believe is L2. or R2. I will tell you that i have been playing RTTS every year for 12 years. I have said many time I am tired of watching line drives over my head, ball being caught and played by my team mates and screamers I can't possibly get to as well as base runner stealing and the catcher doesn't get the ball to me. If you are real close to the bag when you press the base button he will go to it but if you are not close he should throw the ball. It doesn't sound like you are doing anything wrong.