Stangest RS game I played by far


I barely play any RS so I'm in the 400's, tryna get to pennant race to try out one of the two rewards. I get matched up against this 76 silver(I'm 53 diamond) that starts 98 Maeda. At first, I thought I would hit well against him, but boy was I wrong. I couldn't touch him at all, and was held to a couple of hits until he left the game in the 7th. Now, for the pitching, I had 99 Paxton on the mound, who was posting a sub-2 ERA. IDK how, but somehow, I give up a homer to Wade Boggs(out of all people) on a changeup that was supposed to be in the dirt(but hanging ofc), and it's 1-0. The 8th inning is where it gets crazy. The guy brings in 83 Nolan Ryan, who I've never faced before. Out of nowhere, he waits for like 30 seconds, then pitches a fastball right down the middle which Trent Grisham(pinch hitter) crushes to left center for what I thought a leadoff double. But, his center fielder just stands there, and I score. Same thing happens to Bichette, my leadoff hitter. At that point I thought he was afk, but right as that pops up to my mind the guy quits. I honestly felt bad for him, because he was at 491 rating. For me, giving up a dinger to Wade Boggs, then winning on two straight inside the park dingers?
That was very strange.


Probably had something come up.

BTW to newer players

@seunguk0317 said in Stangest RS game I played by far:

I get matched up against this 76 silver(I'm 53 diamond)

This means nothing as far as an online H2H game goes. I have played hardly any H2H games and I am lvl 4 Prestige. Most bronzes and silvers are gonna waste me that play H2H all the time. All experience points are for is progressing your rewards in the game. Tells you absolutely nothing about how a match up might or should go.


The guy was in a verbal altercation with his girlfriend because she wanted him to get off the console. The argument escalated, and distracted him from the game right up to the point where Grisham hit that inside the parker. Argument and distraction continued which explains Bichette's inside the parker, where he is either too pissed to play anymore or decides to just give in to his girlfriend and decides to quit at that point.

That's the story I'm going with.


Lol his girlfriend.