First ever 12-0 BR run!!!


That was the most exciting and stressful run of games ever. I drafted this team last night and just played 1 game. Tonight after a few event games, I went back at it hoping to get up to 3 or 4 wins to end the night. I was in such a groove I didn’t want to stop and risk being off my game tomorrow. Got the best of a few goons in the earlier games and then was really shocked and fortunate to play some weaker competition at the end of the run. Last few matchups took a long time to get and they were actually with Bronze and Silver level players. Final game I won 7-0 so it was no sweat at all, but I was locked in on every [censored] pitch and throwing my fist in the air with every out that got me closer to the prize. Here’s the winning squad:

1- HRD Anderson(LF)
2- LS Bogaerts(SS)
3- SS Helton(1B)- guy raked for me .632, 6 HR, 3 2B, 17 RBI, 2.387 OPS!
4. LS Sanchez(C)- downgraded to Silver. I’d say he’s the reason I went flawless. Clutch all day. .733 avg., 8 HR, 1 2B, 17 RBI, a walkoff HR, took a game tying walk on a 3-2 FB just a bit inside with 2 outs in game 11.
5. LS Olson(RF)
6. LS Riley(3B)
7. LS Escobar(2B)
8. LS Kiermaier(CF)

Everyone chipped in on offense. I was def locked in. Outscored my opponents 71-19!

Pitching all LS Cards:
SP- Clevinger, Hernandez(MIA), Lucchesi
RP-Venters, Scott, Strop, Winkler, Jones, Pagan, Workman

It can be done fellas. I’d like to think I’m a decent player, but not great. I’ve made Championship series on my main acct 2x, but never got to WS(854 my best). I’ve never been further than 7 flawless wins before and maxed out at 10 wins as my best previous BR run. Maybe the goons are playing RS or Madden. Give it a shot guys!


Forgot to mention. I got Arenado as my 12 win and took Wagner as my Flawless. Going to try him out, but I def think I’ll be listing him for a 1 MILLION DOLLARS(DR. Evil voice) soon.


Wrong forum, please delete. Posted in the DD section now.