Best Diamonds


Since there was a thread for worst diamonds, I've started this one for the best diamonds. Since I just bought MLB 20 last week, I want to know which ones I should pick up.

Who are your best diamond cards so far (and how can they be obtained)?


99 Trout
99 Mathews
99 Walker
97 Bellinger

I hit better with them versus Mantle, Ruth, Biggio or Sheffield but I am getting better with these.


Mantle is a must in this years game. Possibly the best card in the history of DD just my opinion.


Mantle, Trout, and Sheffield.... but those are obvious.

Didi is pretty incredible, as well as mondesi but almost every team has well outgrown those cards.

Imo Prestige Bellinger is a better swing and option in RF than Walker, but Walker is very good.

Posada also is an absolute unit if you can deal with the 70's arm. It's not terrible if you can control the running game.


99 Jackie Robinson
Larry Walker
I killed it with Cobb when I used him for fun earlier in the game cycle
FOTF Eric Davis
FOTF Lou Brock
Any Charlie Blackmon card
Awards Daniel Murphy
Players League Ian Happ
Topps Now Ji Man Choi
Didi Lightning card
Thome FOTF

Just some I've done well with, expectedly and unexpectedly.



Pablo Sandoval (crushes everything) was a headliner, goes for 30k

Blackmon Awards card (very quick swing)
Another headliner (honestly they have been very good this year) costs about 30k

Trout and Awards Trout (I'm hitting much better then normal with Trout this year)

Larry Walker (one of my favorite players this year) was one of the inning program bosses for inning 4 he's pricy at 175k so try to get him out of the inning program.

Mantle Prime (Best card in the game this year) this years Mays

Matt Wieters Awards (headliner) (Best catcher in the game so far) Honestly this is a toss up between him and Posada Signature (beach ball low tier) I just hit better with Wieters.

I would also check out Vidal Brujan (Rays TA path and Jazz Chisholm (Marlins TA)for prospects both of them rake.

I have not completed the Babe Ruth moments but I hear he has one of the best bats in the game this year.

Also I hear that Jimmy Rollins (Signature) (6th inning program) is the best shortstop available ( I haven't used him personally yet)


Orel Hershiser FOTF (untouchable this year) Aquired through the Dodgers TA path

Zach Greinke (Awards) (I love this card this is my Bob Feller of 2020 he does not lose) was a Ducks on the Pond mid round , can be found in the market for about 15k

Brandon McKay (Personally I have found great success with this card plus he can hit for power) he was a headliner (i forget which number. He can be acquired for 30k.

I have yet to try the new Forest Whitley but he looks like he could be one of the best pitchers this year and he's going for about 20k or less

I also will be adding Tom Seaver (Signature) as soon as I get to completing the Babe Ruth moments.


Aroldis Chapman Signature (Untouchable) is a Ducks on the Pond high round card. Is a tad pricy at 125k but he's worth every coin.

Eric Gagne Signature (Filthy) is found in the Beach Ball pack as a lower tier and can be acquired for 30k

Rob Dibble (also untouchable) was a headliner and can be aquired for about 90k

I also Like Betances (an event reward goes for about 90k) and McGee (headliner 60k)

I will add Hoffman (signature) before the year is over, he's on of the Babe Ruth rewards


his name is Babe........ Babe Ruth. I am not a very good hitter and he makes me look like well Babe Ruth


Since you’re just starting, I would grind the POTM like crazy and get Didi, Correa, Belli and Paxton. All very good cards that can be prestiged and you can get them for free, or with some exchanges to help the grind.

By doing that you’ll get a bunch of other usable cards while you build up your squad(Dietrich, Grandal, Laureano, etc.)