Recycled SS cards from last year...


Why are we getting repeat cards from last year with the new card tiers available? This is the same Duke from last year just like Eddie Mathews and others. SS legends from last year would be great candidates for Prime or Awards series.

From 1953-1955 according fWAR Duke Snider was the best player in baseball over guys like Mays, Mantle, and Mathews. A new Prime Snider would be a new version of him and not the same card from last year 🤦♂


It's amazing ain't it? Every year 85% of the non live series cards you have already used and some even with same picture. Genius

Slight tweak in sounds/ bat flips and "chain animations" to take over control of the game...move some signs around in the stadiums....change ads to '21......pre order bonus give them a player they can use for the current game even though they have all end gamers as a cherry on top....60 bucks please....oh wait you want more goodies??? Have u seen our deluxe package?? Lol


I've noticed this. The SS Ryne Sandberg from last year has the same stats as the SS Ryne Sandberg for this year. At least he has a different picture.

Speaking of Signatures... where's my SS Johnny Damon?