Why I dont like Showdown.


6 pts each away from moving the Marlins, Nats, and Mets from Stage 1 to Stage 2 of TA.

Decide instead of blowing 30K on exchanges; I'll play the NL East Showdown.

Make it to DeGrom down 13-15.

Get my first two batters on base and my 3rd batter, AWARDS Harper, hits a 3 run jack to take the lead and win the game.

But wait; when the game finalizes it says that I lost connection to the servers! FAILED MISSION. SHOWDOWN RUN OVER!

As I stated before, and WILL state again; you guys aren't making it hard to just delete the game and start playing something else!


They aren't fixing anytime soon. I guess get used to it! SDS BLOWS!!! End Rant.


I mean bro, they have glitch after glitch after glitch, problem after problem after problem! They don't seem to care and the only help you get on here is idiots tooting their own horn of how great they are and how they never had a problem with the game and ranked #1 in the world.