have trouble hitting righties with righties and lefties with lefties?

I took a second to look into the splits of my players and just as I expected, I suck when facing this setup. It's honestly embarrassing lol. And now I feel it will be in my head and make the splits even worse. I'm talking over 100 points less for averages and 200+ for slugging. Does anybody else have splits like this? Doesn't matter what player, or if they hit better against the same side etc. The splits are terrible.

Does anybody else have this problem? Is it all in my head and this can be fixed? Or is this common for the game?

I'm going the switch hitting route. I'm thinking about adding Dylan Carlson in left. Is there any other switch hitting outfielder im missing? Other than Awards Trout, Babe, and Biggio, there won't be any other players I'll be using that will be hitting same side pitching.

It's so bad that if Carlson is good, I'll probably pick up Rollins and put my cap in rf and have a platoon with Awards Trout.