Why do some recaps not show up? Last night I lost to a team of silver/bronze/gold. Not a diamond. The 73-rated pitcher was throwing like 99-Maddux. Meanwhile this bronze-15 player playing his 4th game(who could have been a prodigy that just started over, could have been a bot..who knows) was squaring up on everything Greinke was throwing. I fight for 5 innings and finally get the bases loaded..expecting a double-play, but his pitching is so off (I guess) that he actually walks one in. 1-0.

Next inning...every silver bat in his lineup comes to life. And, I'm not pitching generously...but his first guy singles..next guy jacks one. I quit...too much for me to process at the time. Actually, thought it was going to be my last game...it really should have been. There are a lot of us that have competitive natures out here and these sort of losses are so ridiculous and just BAD (for a better word) it makes you want to uninstall the game and never think about MLB the Show again EVER.

So, I would really like to share this box-score but it's unavailable. Made me wonder (just because this game is mired in deceit) if I may have been playing a bot. When you play bots are the recaps not available? Hell, I don't know, just trying to make sense out of a game that makes none.