Need some suggestions


I’m in search of a big time right handed bat that can platoon on the corners at 1st or 3rd and maybe even an OF spot. I have an overload of lefties especially at first base with Ruth Ortiz Bellinger. Any suggestions?

I currently rock a lineup of

Biggio C
Mantle CF
JD Martinez LF
Ortiz 1B
chipper 3B
Larry Walker RF
Sandberg 2B


Frank Thomas is the best answer for what you're looking for to platoon with Ortiz.

Killebrew gives you 1st/3rd positional flexibility

Schmidt (if you can handle his swing)

Josh Donaldson if you want to drop 500k his defense is very good and protects lefties well.

Sheffield? You have Mantle, Sheff fits that and can play 3rd/left.

I would play Ruth in left if youre in love with Ortiz. JD's defense isnt playable to me.


The free Jackie Robinson can play 1st, 2nd, 3rd and LF. He's got great speed and solid fielding. He has a quick swing a I personally feel he hits above his power stats.


Kris Bryant MVp