Was on game 2 of a contact CAP challenge when my guy broke his leg and went on the 60 IL. Instead of resetting, I took my injury and I let it ride. Now I've played like 60 games (including all of spring training) and the challenge is still active (keeps saying I'm at game 1 with 0 hits) and I can't get it to go away/cancel.
What could I do here?
I've invested several months of grinding to get my SS through the minors and into the show as an all star hopeful. All of the mini games now only offer attribute increases, but I am at or near my current CAP in basically every category (mid 60s for most), and I feel the game logic isn't giving me CAP increase opportunities because I am technically in the midst of a phantom challenge.
It's making me want to stop RTTS and I am definitely getting aggravated because of the tremendous amount of time I have put into this.
Even the skip to next appearance option doesn't reset the challenge, despite still getting the pop up saying that it will. This is 19 BTW. Thanks for any help y'all can provide!