Anyone else ever had the issue of when you go to enter a ranked/event/br game, the searching for opponent bar comes up, finds an opponent, then it gets stuck there for too long before eventually kicking you out saying "the game server closed your game session"?

It started happening to me 2 weeks ago, after I had played like 10 games on a Sunday, suddenly around 7pm I started getting this error trying to enter any of the online DD game modes. I've had a ticket open with SDS since Monday the 3rd, but they keep insisting it's my internet connection and I should contact my ISP to see if they made any changes or to diagnose the issue, and don't seem to even be reading my responses, despite:

-My ISP didn't make any changes at 7pm on a Sunday, confirmed as much with them and no other potential issues
-I have a wired, fiber internet connection with great connection speeds and zero history of problems
-Zero interruptions to any of my other services and no issues with any other games' online functionality
-I'm still able to connect to The Show servers and get into DD, play moments, enter the community shop and do everything else in DD
-Most tellingly, I'm able to enter Play Now Online Rated games, search for opponent, connect and play these games online against other players without issue

It seems incredibly likely there is a problem with my DD profile or something specific on that side, yet even after communicating that to the support staff, their last message only said "we have reviewed and see nothing wrong with your account that should be causing this issue. Please continue working with your ISP to find a solution in a timely manner. we're sorry for any inconvenience", which is an incredibly frustrating "we don't care" type of response because there is literally nothing for my ISP to do. Even though I never had to before, I even did the suggested port forwarding, and also reset my router, ps4, and even reinstalled the game from scratch and nothing has changed. I've even switched between wired/wireless and connected to a different internet source and exact same issues.

At this point I haven't been able to play for 2 weeks and can't even find any troubleshooting suggestions, and SDS doesn't seem to care to respond at all, let alone in a timely manner so unless there's an obvious solution I'm missing, I guess SDS is telling me thanks for buying the game, but we don't care enough to even bother putting in any effort trying to help, try again next year. Any help would be appreciated