From the 50 bundle pack and the 1 Ballin is a Habit pack I got
Ballin pack-
-2 Golds
50 bundle pack-
-7 Golds
-2 Diamonds. LS Kluber + LS Greinke
(Silver cards not counted)
1 Gold icon, 2 Gold nameplates, and 1 Gold Hr call
Return in stubs.
-Diamonds And Golds all listed at 1 stub under current Buy Now price for a total of 24,141.
After taxes, my return was 21,638 stubs.
So pretty much if this hadn’t been a free bundle I would have took an L of almost 30k.
This was probably my last pack opening of the year so I decided to catalog it for fun.
Now I’m curious what you guys got. Anything memorable??

Btw it’s Valentine’s Day. Go treat your girl AND your Mommy to something nice!