Network Errors again


Welcome to yet another Network Error thread.

This time it happened 2 different times in 2 games. One of which was in the 5th inning of a perfect game against someone with a 16-80 record. The other was against someone who was just above .500. I can submit support tickets until I'm blue in the face but they are just going to tell me its my internet when its not (190 up, 50 down).

This always happens when we're ending an event or some new content is about to drop


I had this happen twice against the CPU last night. Once was in my AL six inning game. I am not a good player and I just took the lead in the 7th when the game quit out on me. I don't get why that would make a difference in a game against the CPU. Crazy that all of that time was wasted. It then did it to me again in a conquest game so I just played RTTS for the rest of the night. Never had this issue and then all of a sudden I joined the club.