Prob shouldn't waste my time


It's all been said over and over. And, I know, the folks running this forum like everything to appear cheery and bright.

The slot machine got stuck in 5th Inning Showdown today. 5 straight games couldn't get beat Rivera. I mean it was pathetic. I would just play that 1st game and if I lost..forfeit and redraft.

First couple matches I actually put some strategy into the draft...Larry Walker, Ortiz and those type. But, after queuing up on pitches and them going no where I realized I was caught up in the lemons on the slot machine. So, next 4 drafts just took the first player on the left (where the cursor sat). Didn't even pay attention to who..doesn't matter.. perks don't either. Just swing at anything..because it doesn't matter..until you hit the lucky pull.

I had 2 hits in those 1st 5 games. The 6th time thru..someone must have sprayed the slot machine with wd40. Brendon Donovan (who the hell is he?) singled off a ball that I believe was a foot above the zone. Then Oneil Cruz hits the first pitch out of the park on another blase swing out of the zone. Again, these are guys I wouldn't have drafted had I felt the drafted lineup actually was a factor in the outcome.

Is this just how the game works? If so, it's not really fun. In fact, it's the opposite. And, I'm sorry if this comes across as "toxic". That's not what constructive criticism should be interpreted as. And, this is about as constructive as I can get. Really need to fix the obvious transparencies in the game that scream RNG. Just my opinion.

Does it always have to be drought or drown on these Showdowns?


Or you know. You could play the whole thing and only have to score 4 runs instead of 16. Also to beat showdowns swing at every pitch is the worst idea imaginable


@the_dragon1912 said in Prob shouldn't waste my time:

Or you know. You could play the whole thing and only have to score 4 runs instead of 16

You're probably right.

But, I just want the game not to be so obviously and noticeably contrived. I want to feel like it matters who I draft, and the location/timing of my swing has meaning. Not the "slot-machine" effect. I know some of these things can be fixed.