CPU rosters


I know this shouldn’t bug me so much and I know there are more important things regarding this game, but why the HE double hockey sticks can’t they get the CPU rosters and lineups right?

Playing the Reds on AS right now for the BP player program and they had Votto coming off the bench. They had some weird alignment with Travis Jankowski (who isn’t typically a starter for them) starting in right field. Winker was in CF. Senzel at 2B and Moustakas at 1B. I mean, why is it so hard to get it right (or at least close to right). All they have to do is look at recent lineups, maybe the depth charts listed on their partner’s website, MLB.com? I know they haven’t added Akiyama, but this is still so wrong. It isn’t that hard to get the lineups to close or the usual starting lineup.

As for the IL players going to the FA pool. That’s wrong too. I get it. They’re injured. But just have the 40-man roster on the game closely resemble the actual 40-man roster. If someone is on the 10-day IL, they are still on the 40-man roster. Now, if they were on the 45-day IL (used to be 60), I get it. Those guys don’t count on the 40 man.

Anyway, rant over. I know it shouldn’t bug me so much, but I just don’t get why they can’t get it right or pretty darn close to right.


I agree 100%. I play a lot of conquest and I always chuckle when they bring Votto off the bench. I think earlier in the year they had Bellinger in LF, too (pretty sure they fixed that).

BTW — if you get frustrated by completely unexplainable CPU roster weirdness, you would absolutely hate MtO lol.