Disappointing experience


I have played RTTS for a decade and this year’s iteration would be the worst I’ve experience thus far.

I’m happy with the direction you guys took it a year or two ago with the ability to have dialogues with various people such as teammates and the agent. However, the fact that all of that is the exact same as last year was disappointing, I was expecting an enhancement.

For example, why can I not contact my agent? I remember in older RTTS’s I was able to talk to my coach if I wanted about playing time and things like that. So I feel like I should be able to contact my agent at any point. However, even if that was a possibility there wouldn’t be anything more than that because another complaint of mine is that the agent doesn’t actually do anything. If I have a complaint, he just tells me to wait and be patient basically. The whole character in the game mode seems really useless.

Furthermore, none of the dialogue with teammates seems any different than last year. If I didn’t know any better I would say it’s the same game. It just feels like nothing was built upon.

Another thing is being disconnected from the servers all the time, it’s very annoying.

And in terms of gameplay, the baserunning is terrible this year. The camera is highly frustrating. I don’t know where the ball is being hit causing me to run into outs. I preferred it much more in previous years when I just simply pressed the R1 button and the camera would focus on the ball. The fact that I have to use the right stick to move the camera slowly is frustrating.

And the last thing that broke the camels back was my RTTS got glitched from my player getting injured. Somehow after that happened I’m unable to advance to the next game of a series, I have to exit after each single game now, as if I’m playing MLB 10 again. There’s just been a lot of little things this year that really disappointed me.

With all this being said, I love San Diego studios and the work they’ve done with this game over the years and I look forward to future installments, but this just wasn’t the year for me.


Press L2 when baserunning to know where the ball is.

With regards to the injury glitch, I’d recommend providing a clip in a bug report and give as much context as possible such as identifying when you were injured, how long for etc.


I just wanna know what the point of the cpu throwing strikes slider is... Its pointless and does absolutely nothing? Because thats what it is for me.


First time Playing MLB the Show and was loving RTTS for the most part until I got to the 3rd year after being called up. Playing with dynamic hitting I was HR champ, Season MVP and Silver Slugger 3B my first full year. Second year we made the Playoffs, I won the triple crown, Season, Playoff and WS MVP multiple other awards with a 94 - A rating. Arbitration year and the game offers 1.6M 1 year Bench contract. WTH.... Another 3B player as a 95 rating and I get benched.?!?!?!

This is where the game flaw really shine. As stated above, constant server disconnects and baserunning is horrible. None of my Gains for the Awards show up (which would have probably boosted my rating). Stats for your previous seasons should carry over to the next season and have baring on your contract and starting status. There should be an option to call your agent or coach at any point during the game. Open some management options as the RTTS AI management can do some pretty odd and detrimental things to your club (head scratching trades of your best players, benching Triple Crown and MVP winners!) There are some cool things I really like about the player progression and gaining skill but when the game management and AI takes a dump...It make your consumers hate playing the game.!!

The game as a whole is really fun, player models are awesome (some hair issues and Heidi not with standing) and I can't wait to see it on XBOX and PC but MLB 21 needs to be better, SDS please don't just rehash what you have, Improve RTTS, improve the AI and give the player more management options to the player. Take some Franchise pieces and plug them into RTTS and it will be vastly improved. Lock Play Mode in Franchise is great but you loose player progression which IMO is great in RTTS.


I got 1 year 17 mil contract for year 3. I also did not sign a contract for my second year and played on the 500k contract for 2 years. @xavierklaw


I have played RTTS since 2009 and have found that in the last 3 years this mode has totally gone down the toilet. That is why when the new consoles come out I am not buying and this is my last year with this game. I am not going to pay $60 to $100 for this garbage